Friday, May 05, 2006

Dear people,

Since Mpok Jane's gone AWOL (psst... she's in rehab for shopaholicism, but don't say a thing to those pesky infotainment journalists) and I'm busy shagging rich businessmen from Kalimantan (thanks to Ussy for the tips), I have decided to bring in a guest writer. Please give a warm round of applause to our bitch-in-training: Mbak Diahhh....!!!

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I swear, if you showed me this picture with the top half covered and asked me to guess who it was, I would've guessed Okky Lukman. What?? It's not Okky? It's Dian Sastro you say??

Oh well, on the bright side, if Marie-France Bodyline were to offer her an endorsement deal, she's got a great "Before" picture right here!

By the way, those wilting cabbage leaves she hung around her waist (so she's got easy access to a low-calorie snack anytime) really makes her look like she's got three vaginas.

Mbak Diah.

Posted by Neng Sarah